Patricia Cortazar, MSW LSWAIC

Certified in CBT, TF-CBT

​Child and Family Therapist 

Krushina Cales MA, CC

Program Manager- Lakewood Office

Child and Family Therapist

Certified in PFR, Theraplay, Triple P,

TF-CBT and Attachment Therapy. 

Jennifer King, MSW, LICSW, CCTP

Clinical Director

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Child and Family Therapist

Trained EMDR, Theraplay, Incredible years, FPS, TF-CBT, Conscious Diiscipline  DBT, and Attachment Therapy. 

Amber Kleiwer, MA LMHC MHP

Child and Family Therapist

Specializing in Trauma and Attachment Therapy. Faith Based approaches. 

La Li, LSWAIC Hypnotherapy

Bilingual: Chinese

Child and Family Therapist

Suzra Antoine MSW LSWAIC

Child and Family Therapist 

Whitney Miller, MSW, LICSW

Child and Youth Therapist

Specializing in Theraplay, PFR and Trauma Therapy

Angelica Falsis, LICSW-A
Child and Family Therapist


Youth and Young Adult Therapist

Specializing in  LBGTQ+  

Youth and Young Adults

Trauma, Attachment, and Gender Identity 

​Christine MA, LICSW-A

Child and Family Therapist

School based services

​Connections Counseling Services NW 

Oliver Levin-Koopman LSWAIC CCTP

Adolescent and Adult Therapist

Specializing in Teens, Adults  Couples Therapy

Genora Chappell, BSW, CC

Child and Youth Therapist

Specializing: Theraplay, Trauma and Attachment Therapy

Jasmine Nickerson

Office Manager

Mahea Kalilikane, MSW, LSWAIC

Child and Adolescent Therapist

Specializing in: Theraplay, Trauma and Attachment Therapy.


Naomi Espulgar, LICSWA, CCTP

Child and Family Therapist

Christa Carlson, MA, CC

Child and Family Therapist

Dia Lynn Smith Certified Counselor

Chidl and Family Therapist

Leika Baquiran, LICSWA

​Child and Family Therapist 

Ivy  Zolle, LMHP- CCTP

​Child and Family Therapist

Adoption specialist- Triad work


Child youth and Family Therapist

Specializing in LBGTQ+ 

Trauma, Attachment and Gender Identity Support


Whitney Hunt, LICSWA CDP

Child and Family Therapist

Welcome from the staff at Connections Counseling Services NW!  ​We bring you a broad range of experience with unique areas of specialization to meet the needs of all our clients.  Staff are licensed, skillful clinicians with specialized areas of training in Adoption, Attachment, Trauma Therapy and Theraplay Parenting Support, Infertility Support, Issues impacting children in Foster care,  traumatic grief, ADD/ADHD, divorce, issues from adoption, and substance abuse among others.  Connections is is a mental health agency with a primary focus on treating issues of Trauma and Attachment. Our staff have completed the NTI National Adoption Competency Training, Theraplay, Conscious Discipline and other Evidence Based Practices. We are fully skilled in meeting the complex issues that come with adoption, foster care and traumatic childhood experiences. In order to provide the best care, our providers receive on going specialty training and work with community providers to ensure the most optimal outcome for you and your family. The bottom line is we believe in you and all that you are and are committed to breaking down the barriers that prevent accessing services. 

Hermenia Jackson, MSW LSWAIC

Child Therapist

Theraplay, Trauma and Attachment  Therapy