Jordan Haggerty, LSWAIC

Teen and Adult Therapist

Behavioral Therapist

Evie Paulsen, BS, CC

Child  Therapist

School based services

TraumaPlay, Theraplay,

Attachment Trained

Our Clinical Team

Floyd Marshal, Certified Counselor

Child and Family Therapist

Tricia Cortazar LICSW CCTP

Teen and Adult Therapist

EMDR, CBT, DBT, Military Life, Trauma

Jennifer King, LICSW, CCTP

Executive Director 

Child, Youth and Family  Therapist

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Evidenced Based practices EMDR , CBT, TFCBT, DBT, Play Therapy, Reunification, Assessments, Grief and Infertiity, Adoption Triad counseling

Connections Counseling Services NW 

Corey Young  LSWAIC

Child and Individual Therapist.

Mahealani Kalilikane, LSWAIC- CCTP

Child, Youth and Family Therapist

Hailey Foster, LSWAIC

Child and Family Therapist

Krushina Cales, MA, CC, CCTP

In-Home Programs Manager 

Child and Family Therapist

Trauma and Attachment Specialty

Evidenced Based Practices:


Cara McCartney, LICSW-CCTP

Trauma and Attachment Therapist

TF CBT, TraumaPlay, PPP, DBT 

Cleo Pena BSW, Certified Counselor 

Child and Family Therapist

Bilingual: Spanish

Susan Shear, LSWAIC

Child and Family Therapist

Trauma, TF- CBT, DBT

Genora Chappell BASW, CC 

Child Therapist

TraumaPlay, Theraplay Trained

Olga Dankovtsev, LICSW-CCTP

​Trauma, Depression, Issues of Domestic Violence

Русскоговорящий терапевт 

Russian Speaking